i want to find pebbles so desperately!!!!

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by Valerie Worth, from All the Small Poems and Fourteen More

Pebbles belong to no one
Until you pick them up —
Then they are yours.

But which, of all the world’s
Mountains of little broken stones,
Will you choose to keep?

The smooth black, the white,
The rough gray with sparks
Shining in its cracks?

Somewhere the best pebble must
Lie hidden, meant for you
If you can find it.

My new friend Bonnie gave me this collection of assorted stones with white lines.  She said the circle represents her circle of friends, and I will be reminded of her friendship, in particular, whenever I look upon my necklace of stones.

Making art from rocks and other natural objects reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy sculptures, such as this spiral of broken pebbles scratched white with another stone (1985, The Borders).


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I just finished reading the book and returned it to the library with a feeling that I will miss it like anything. I have wonderful memories while reading the book. It has everything like stubborn and brave youth, passionate love, broken hearts, conspiracies, loyalties, betrayals, strong and affectionate friendship, wise decisions, dreams come true.

 Every character of the book is important and has its unique identity. The heart of d’Artagnan is full of love and affection. Athos, Porthos and Aramis have different personalities but they a strong bonding. All the four accomplish things together very well.

I have shared some extracts from the book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I adore the simplicity of expression in these words.

 Father of D’Artagnan, when he is leaving

 “It is by his courage alone, that a gentleman makes his way nowadays. Whoever hesitates one moment, lets perhaps that chance escape him, which fortunate for that moment alone has offered him.”

Conversation of d’Artagnan with Madame Bonacieux

You could see into my heart”, said d’Artagnan “you would discover so much curiosity that you would have pity on me and so much love, that you would directly satisfy my curiosity. You ought not to distrust those who love you!”

 “You come quickly to love Sir” said the young girl shaking her head (Madame Bonacieux)

 “It is because love has come quickly on me, and for the first time and I am not yet twenty years of age”.

 The young women stole a glance at him.

Conversation between Kitty and d’Artagnan

 “Then you are very fond of my mistress, Sir”? said Kitty.

“I don’t know whether I am very fond of her but what I do know is that I am ma for her.”

Conversation of Athos

 “Tender natures! Wounded hearts!” exclaimed Athos

 “What are you saying?” said d’Artagnan

I say that love is a lottery in which he who wins gains death, you are very fortunate to have lost, believe me my dear d’Artagnan and if I have any advice to give you it is to loose always.

 “She seemed to love me so much!” said d’Artagnan

“Child ‘There is not a man who has not like you believed that his mistress love him and there is not a man who has not been deceived by his mistress, Sir” continued Athos.


Athos liked every one to exercise his own free will. He never gave his advice before it was demanded and even then it must be demanded twice.

“In general people only ask for advice” he said “that they may not follow it or if they should follow it, that they may have somebody to blame for having given it.”


I was a little disappointed by watching the movie. Its concept is entirely different from that of the book. Anyways I had to watch it. Below are the pictures from the new movie of The three musketeers.






HAPPINESS IS ……………………………

 I am a happy father of four years old son, Lewis. When he was born, I held him in my arms for the first time feeling proud as I was holding the most precious treasure of my life. It gave me a feeling of being complete, responsible and tied in a knot with my little angel.

Last week I spent my entire day with my angel at the city park. We played games, saw different birds, enjoyed watching fountains and took a long walk while he was sitting on my shoulders slowly licking the ice cream. We also briefly socialized with the other kids in the park. Later on I bought a bunch of colorful balloons for Lewis. He jumped and clapped his hands with happiness. He wanted to play with all of them at once. While playing I heard one of the balloons busted and Lewis’s eyes and mouth were wide open and I could see his eyes full of tears and then he burst into loud cries. I rushed to hold him tight in my arms and bought him more balloons and saw tears mixed with satisfaction in his eyes. I felt he has faith in me that I will and I can fix every problem for him. I saw him smiling again. This is real happiness that a child feels when near to his parent.

Later playing in the ground Lewis realized that his laces were open he ran towards me and showed me his shoes I instantly tied back his laces neatly and looked in his eyes at once to see the same happiness that he expected from me. He also insisted to fly kites just like other kids so instead of making him disappointed I held him in my arms tight and we went for a long walk around the park here we saw the kite flying tournament with full zeal and excitement and I also made him understand that flying kites is elder’s business so when he gets older he can do that. Then for his amusement I bought a kite and stared flying for him and when it glided in the air I could see his eyes following the path of kite in the sky and he was happy like anything. The yellow and bright green were his favorite colors while flying kite, when it started to toggle and come down he was worried but then he knew his father is there to support the kite.

I am also growing with my four year old as I am learning things from him and have stared to looking at things from his eyes. I love to satisfy his curiosities. But above all he has taught me how to explain the feeling of happiness. All my life I have felt happiness at different intervals in life but I was never able to define and express it in words. Happiness is always a sweet feeling that soothes the soul. He has provided speech to my emotions. I want a special bonding with my child and I want him to know that he is my entire world of happiness I want this relationship to be strong as we grow old I want to reach him best things.