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Grammar pet peeves are just few of the many things that can really fuel my muse. This explains why I occasionally make a blog post about them.

The first time I blogged about grammar pet peeves was when I was in the academic world. That blog post is titled “Masteral and Other Filipino Concoctions“, which talked away some of the most commonly used grammar bugbears that I find most grinding to the ears and eyes. Leaving the four corners of the university for the time being to work as an executive assistant in one of the reputable companies—whose lifeblood is in the form of emails—in the Middle East, gave me the chance to discover another interesting batch of grammar pet peeves. Needless to say my job entails receiving an array of bearable and unbearable grammar pet peeves, which I want to call lethal grammatic sins this time.

For more than three years…

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There is a certain quality of afternoon light this time of year. A warm, mellow, golden autumnal glow.

There is a way the light filters down through the trees, like all the energy and activity of a whole year stored in branches and roots and bark, suddenly burst forth in sunshine yellow brightness.

There is an excitement to this season of slow death. A vibrancy of newness and transformation.

*       *       *

Or hadn’t you noticed? Had you been too anxious, caught between a heavy past and an ambiguous future, limbs shaking and guts stripped bare? Had you been so nervously casting your wide net, trying to catch that glimmering, shimmering thing off in the distance, that you failed to see the gentle ripples you’d been making had turned to violent waves, arms thrashing, and you about to go under?

Me too, Friends. Me too.

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“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness . . .”
John Keats

The drive back home to Seattle from Chelan was a wet, misty affair.  But the low clouds clinging to the hillsides and mountainsides created a beautiful, moody atmosphere as I covered the miles.  I drove Hwy 97-alt south along the Columbia River to Wenatchee, and then drove west on Hwy 2 over Stevens Pass in the Cascade Mountains.  It’s a great fall drive with lots of color.

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